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This is a new Website and for the right person, it could be a good Business. It could be a really good "work from home" opportunity. It could grow to a very large website with countless thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of people. This will depend on your 'marketing' or advertising . Good advertising can make it highly successful. These decisions will be in your control.

This website can be run from anywhere as the Website Admin is accessible from any computer connected to the Internet.

AussieCars.com.au is also suitable for large Dealer Networks, who may wish to setup a huge website. They may wish to compete with other huge players in the marketplace. This website has many good features ideal for that purpose. Some larger Dealer Networks don't need to advertise too much. They may already have at their disposal countless thousands of vehicles ready to go onto the website. They may already have the 'traffic' or the people that are ready to visit the website. Many may already have their online advertising systems and off line advertising ready to start performing.

Websites need constant updates, and it is quite normal to ad features to a website as needed. No one can ever say that their 'website is finished.' In real life that is not true. There are always new ideas and marketing strategies that need technical changes from time to time. It is normal to ask a developer to make adjustments to a website when needed. Be prepared to adjust things as needed, and improve the website to fit your needs. The website, (as is now) will probably be quite fine for most people. More details will appear below.

Hosting Overview: This is where the website resides on a computer network. These services are provided by many companies in Australia and millions worldwide. This website is registered in Australia, as a .COM.AU and therefore highly recommend to use Australian Hosting. It would not make sense to host it overseas. That means that a website visitor in Australia would load up the website from overseas. That could, and would slow it down. (Absolutely Yes to the fact that overseas hosting offers you a much better deal, and the servers are bigger with more bandwidth) However it is better for Google SEO and basic common sense that if you want SPEED of load up, then host with an Australian company. Your data will not have to travel all over the earth backwards and forwards. There are many choices when selecting a Host.

Hosting with an Australian Company: There are many to choose from, and we use Servers Australia. They have many Servers to choose from, and when AussieCars.com.au gets bigger, then you will need more Dedicated Servers. Our recommendation is to ring them, and have a talk to them and ask what they recommend. You don't have to buy the biggest and the best from day one. Simply buy what you need but make a good choice. When your needs grow, and as the website traffic increases, then ad on more as needed.

Hosting Transportability: We use Linux Hosting and we use "cPanel" and "WHM." Strongly recommended. This system allows you to transport your website to another Host if ever needed. This is how it would work: The new Host (or new company that you choose) would "log in" to your server and electronically "copy" the entire website and all facilities to the New Server. Once it is copied across, then all you need to do is adjust the "nameservers" inside your Domain Name Registry and that's it !! Done. It updates all over the world generally in a few hours or sometimes, can take a longer. This whole process of "transportability" is a powerful feature for you as website owner. You don't have to be 'stuck with' a host that is not performing properly. Sometimes they are slow in fixing things, or network speed is a problem. There are lots of reasons why you would need to change hosts. Bottom line: You don't have to rebuild your website. It is all copied over for you via WHM.

(Once it is copied across, then simply delete everything from the old one and close the account with the old host)

I have explained all of this for one reason. You need to know that you are not left in the lurch when it involves hosting.

Technical people can advise you in simple English if needed. Just ring them and talk to them.

Your role as a website owner, is to run the website. Deep technical problems should not occupy your time. Just know that there are people that can, and will help you. Generally that will be your HOST and you contact them in a simple way: Email.

We have found that "ticket support" via Servers Australia has been brilliant. They will answer FAST and a real person will look at your issue quickly and get it sorted out. We also advise that when you choose a Host, select one, that has Telephone Support or contactable by phone. Its nice to know that there are human beings out there who are looking after your needs.

The website is 'empty' at this stage. It is a New Website. When vehicles are added to the website, it looks brilliant and very professional. We have not filled in the website with vehicles.

Naturally you can change the vehicle types and manufacturers. You can ad new ones, or whatever is needed.

The Domain Name is brilliant and these days nearly impossible to find a Domain of this quality. Its easy to remember, and has an 'Australian' feel about it.

AussieCars.com.au AND AussieCars.net.au will be handed over to you. This means that no one can register the .NET.AU because you will own it. This prevents other people from registering the .NET.AU and then competing with you, on a similar Domain. You will own the both of them. We have setup the system so that if someone goes to AussieCars.net.au it will automatically jump to AussieCars.com.au

Imagine owning a Cars Sales Website that is a Classified Site with Multi Dealer and Private Sale options.

Every Australian Postcode is built into the Website and that makes it very easy for people to submit their Advertising. You don't have to worry about inserting the postcodes into the Website.

The new owner of this Website and Domain would simply Advertise it, and get new listings onto the Website. Maybe, just as idea: Run the site for "free" for a short time. When the listings grow, with considerable "traffic" to the site, then introduce a charge for the listings. You can decide on the rates. You have the freedom to decide.

AussieCars.com.au is advanced php web software for multi-user and a multi-dealer auto portal.

It is web based software, which can be easily create an auto classified portal. It allows the users – private sellers and car dealers to post vehicles for sale. You can search the website, and the administrator can manage the website.

Motor dealers can create their own listings, and input the information on their listings. Administrators can manage the vehicle types (cars, motorcycles, trucks etc.) and add additional ones. You can add new fields for them. Administrators can charge the users for: featured ads, banners, video support, car dealers sub accounts, newsletter for the users and many others.

It is multi language and a lot of ready translations like Spanish, French, Arabic, Italian, German, Turkish, Portuguese and others are available.

AussieCars.com.au is uses non encrypted source codes. Therefore the site can be altered and changed if necessary.

AussieCars.com.au is a php software product for running an auto classifieds website. It provides functionality for the private sellers to sign up, list their car for sale and make changes in their ads. The product provides special functionality for the dealers to work and manage multiple ads. An affiliate functionality is also included. Affiliate partners may sign up and earn commissions on all the sales done through their links. The product comes with a powerful admin panel for the administrators, allowing them not only to manage the cars portal settings, the dealers, affiliates etc. but also providing full control over the website, its structure and content, also statistics, search engines functionality and others.

AussieCars.com.au is a web solution written in PHP and it uses a MySQL database for storing the data.

AussieCars.com.au is a powerful, professional looking and easy customizable for running auto classifieds.

You may own your own customized and professional looking auto portal providing rich functionality to the users. Various designs could be easily customized with your colors, logo etc.

Contact Us if you have questions. You may phone us on 02 6351 3333 if you wish.

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